Double Braid Rope Eye Splicing Course 雙編織繩織繩眼課程


雙編織繩織繩眼課程 memberlgoin

研習班 內容: 介紹認識及實戰 雙編織繩眼織法                          

對象: 所有有興趣人士 ^_^

特色: 包括一條12尺全新11mm Lanyard 供學員 實戰練習的製成品 

費用: 港幣$800 (會員價$700) (不設退款)

日期及時間: 2023年01月14日 (星期六) 晚上19:00-22:00

上課地址: 元朗壽富街55號元朗中心1305室


先把款項存入本會 HSBC 銀行賬號: 848-559274-838 “Pro Tree Development Limited”





Title: Double Braid Rope Eye Splicing workshop

Contents: Basic introduce how to made the splicing of the double braid rope

Target: All interesting ^_^

Special: Including 12 feet new 11mm Lanyard for yourself

Fee: HK$800 (member $700) (non-refundable) 

Date & Time: 14 JAN 2023 at 19:00-22:00 (SAT)

Location: Room 1305, Yuen Long Center, 55 Sau Fu Street, Yuen Long, N.T.

Apply Method:

Payment first. Our HSBC bank account: 848-559274-838 “Pro Tree Development Limited”

Write down your name, contact number, no.of person on the bank-in slip and send e-mail
to, after we will send back the confirmation and notice to you.

Please fill the application form and with Bank-in slip

send e-mail to

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