A new wayto terminateyour rope

What is spLIFE

Teufelberger have introduced a new programme, spLIFE offers an unprecedented service on the market which will offer us and our customers a greater flexibility, better safety and real added value.
Our instructor splicers, Tony Ng, Wind Tse, WeiMing, Hung Au are trained in the new spLIFE programme and therefore will be able to individually check and terminate each rope that we sell, ensuring that it is safe and allowing customers to customise each rope to their exacting specifications.
As Teufelberger will gradually stop making ropes using the Slaice® method and replace it with a new method called spLIFE our stocks with reflect this change.
Slaice was a good splicing solution, but not replicable by our partners due to the stitching pattern and the dynama webbing inside the eye. And also too bulky to fit into the ZigZag.

Why spLIFE

We firmly believe that by using this new method to manufacture the terminations ourselves has real added value. This will also give us greater flexibility for you to be able to choose the length of ropes and the number of terminations, and achieved more quickly and efficiently.