Prepare work plans for tree removal

Professional Course With Industry Recognition

Prepare work plans for tree removal

Target participants 目標參加者


The course is designed for Registered Arborists (A) and Registered Tree Risk Assessors (TRA)

Course Code :A&TRA-FA4-202320-1
AIM :– 在城市林務中,移除樹木是常見的工作性質,理解、分析、並對它作出評估以準備和設計一個安全且高效能的工作方案。
– Tree removal is a common job nature in urban forestry, understand, analysis and evaluate to prepare and design a safe and efficient work plan.
Course Content :

-General Guidelines and regulations 
-Scenarios and tree inspection and hazards 
-Qualification requirements and practices 
-PPE and Equipment standard 
-Work Zone for tree felling 
-Escape Route 
-Tree Felling Technique 
-Protecting Wildlife and Habitat 
-Related Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) 

– 現場環境及樹木評估和危害 
– 砍伐樹木工作區概況 

Medium of teaching Face to face
Speaker :Ms. Jessica Man
Medium of Instruction :English supplemented with Cantonese
Course Duration(hours) : 3
Tentative Class Commencement : 25 Nov 2023 (Sat) 14:30-17:30
Training Venue :保良局賽馬會大棠渡假村 Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp
Enrolment Link :Click here for Apply
Closing Date for Application :額滿即止 until all the quotas are filled

Planting, Caring and Management of Plants

109089L4  Prepare work plans for tree removal

Registered personnel under the tree management personnel registration system with an attendance rate of 100%, completing the relevant questionnaires, and obtaining at least 70% in the written examination assessment (15 multiple-choice questions) will receive corresponding 3 CEA hours.
Participants use their mobile phone to connect WIFI complete the online assessment before leaving.

+852 6222 1631 Miss Choy/
+852 6098 3209 Ray Ching 或電郵致

Registered Arborists (A) and Registered Tree Risk Assessors (TRA) earn CEA hours under the key job function covered by the course, while others earn optional CEA hours.

For more about Registration Scheme for Tree Management personnel details: Click here

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