OSH Course

樹藝工作之職業安全與健康Occupational Safety and Health for Arboricultural Operations

最接近的開班日期:2022年5月28及6月4日 (星期六)


  • 了解樹木修剪及護理相關的潛在危剪
  • 根據公認的國際慣例,應用安全標準並了解樹木護理操作的規定
  • 使用安全技術及合資格的安全設備和器材,進行樹木管理工作;並執行應急程序
  • 攀爬樹木的技巧及事前和事後的安全的管理
  • 如何設置一個掛點
  • 學習團隊溝通技巧,工作前期計劃流程及逃生路線
  • 設置安全工作區、落木區及其他預防事故措施
  • 操作電油鏈鋸/電鏈鋸及護養知識
  • 建立樹木工作中職業健康和安全措施的實踐和文化
  • 課程特色Content

  • 樹木和現場環境檢查及基本的風險評估
  • 個人防護設備的選擇和檢查(升降台車/攀樹/流纜)
  • 樹木工作前的簡述
  • 封路程序申請及相關事項
  • 示範操作鏈鋸的安全及注意事項(升降台車)
  • 操作手工具的安全及注意事項(升降台車)
  • 攀爬樹木時的工作安全及注意事項施
  • 示範操作鏈鋸的安全及注意事項
  • 緊急處理程序及應急措施
  • 開課日期

    2022年5月28及6月4日 (星期六)



    Occupational Safety and Health for Arboricultural Operations


    This course provides two-day training with assessment on occupational safety and health relating to tree
    work operation covering hazard identification, risk assessment, supervision,  chainsaw operation and safe use of aerial platform for tree cutting. Nearly half of the training time concentrates on practical training.

    After completing the course, the trainees will be able to
    1. Learn the Potential hazards associate with tree pruning;
    2. Apply safety standards and understand the regulations for tree care operations based on proven international practices;
    3. Use safety equipment with safe techniques, carry out tree management work; and implement emergency responses procedures;
    4. Tree climbing system, safety standards and basic techniques;
    5. Find safe anchor points of the tree works; 
    6. Learn communication skills with its team member including escape route and aerial rescue plan;
    7. Set up safety zone and its prevention of accident;
    8. Operate Chainsaw and learn the maintenance of chainsaw; and
    9. Establish the practice and culture of occupational health and safety measures in tree work;

    Pro Tree Team instructors and members
    Qualifications of Instructors
    Certified Arborist
    Member of Tree Climbers International,
    Facilitator of Tree Climbers International (TCI)
    ISA Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist
    Qualification Certificate of vocational assessment in Arboriculture
    Qualified Chainsaw and pruning (Ground) Technician (ISA QCPT)

    Course Date: 2022 MAY 28 & JUN 4 (Sat)
    Course Time: 09:15-17:00
    Venue: Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp

    For more details and question,  please send email to training@protreehk.com

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